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About Actives International, LLC

Born in Nature. Nurtured with Science.

Actives International helps you tap the full potential of Nature by offering the most potent biomolecules available. Our active ingredients originate from diverse and sustainable sources. They effectively address significant skincare concerns such as sensitivity, firmness, pigmentation, barrier integrity, hydration, photodamage, and problem skin. All of our products undergo thorough testing to confirm their safety and efficacy.

  • ViaPure® extracts use modern extraction technologies to provide active compounds that are ultra-pure and highly functional at very low use levels.
  • ViaFerm® brand specialty ingredients harness the eco-friendly power of bio-fermentation to produce effective skincare actives.

In addition, we represent partners (in the US) who are equally committed to the quality and performance of their products.

  • Contipro has expertise in manufacturing high-quality hyaluronic acids and HA derivatives, as well as biomimetic peptides. (Coverage: US)
  • Corum manufactures specialty active ingredients, and their key products address skin tone and various signs of aging. (Coverage: Eastern US)
  • Linnea's NioSkin line of products delivers potent plant extracts to deeper epidermal layers. (Coverage: US)
  • Variati offers functional ingredients obtained from sustainable and renewable vegetable sources. (Coverage: US and Canada)

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